New Header

I know I was suppose to be doing my readings.

Instead I sat here for the last eight or so hours working on a new header just because.

Have I mentioned I haven’t eaten yet? Definitely not good.

So yeah … I have a new header up.

I’m on the fence about it though.

I know for a fact I like my words and the divider.

But I’m not so sure about the pictures.

I never know what picture to put so that it doesn’t look boring.

Anyway, I should drink some water and head to bed.

Night guys!

Four day week!! Then it’s the weekend again! Get excited!!

Football and Boo-Boos

I was active today!!

It was beautiful outside! Hot weather but with wonderful little blows of wind.

Since I haven’t found a safe trail, the only other way to get running in is by playing football with FSA for fun!!


I got boo-boos to prove it. It’s on my calf. The field we play on has rocks … yeah we’re smart.

It stings a lot.

Oh and one of the guys rammed into my heart and I couldn’t breathe for a good minute or so. Afterward I kept heaving until one of the other guys taught me how to get my breath back. So yeah … I got the wind knocked out of me.

I’m happy to say this summer of running really helped me. I usually can’t breathe and get super tired after a few minutes into football. Today I was fine. No heaving or trying to catch my breathe (except for when I got rammed into) and I wasn’t tired. Or maybe because we weren’t running as much. Maybe once basketball starts, it’s going to kick me in the butt.

After that me and a few went to McDonald’s. Yuck. I was hoping we wouldn’t end up at a fast food place but that’s what they wanted.

I ate, hung out with them peeps at McDonald’s, dropped someone off, then went home and showered. A nice and long needed shower. It was hard with those scratches.

Since then, I haven’t done anything but listen to music and play my guitar.

I should really be studying.

Oh did I mention I have a package at the front office? I received it on Saturday but I wasn’t home to get it. I was aiming for today but forgot that it’s Labor Day so no package in my hands yet. I’ll let you know what it is tomorrow when I get it!Open-mouthed smile

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!!