Another Package … For Me


Krypto is chilling next to me as I’m writing this. He says hi.Winking smile

I woke up today with a mission.

To get my package!

It’s been in the front office the past four days and three more days, they would send it back to the UPS or FEDEX or whatever and I would have to drive all the way there to get it. Um .. no thanks.

When I got my package, I was running late so it sat in the trunk of my car while I was in school. The whole time I worked at the Involvement Fair and in class, all I could think about was the package.


I mean, I know what’s in it but it’s always exciting to open a package even when you know what’s inside.

I won this package from Jessica from Lil Miss Runshine who teamed up with Evan Webster to do a giveaway!


Evan wrote a little note and added his little stamp. I want one of those. It makes everything that much more legit.

I won a gym bag. Sahweet, right? Now I don’t have to always use my high school athletics bag. I’ve been meaning to get a new one and now, it’s here on my “doorstep”. It’s the right size to go work out with or for a sleepover.


My tee. I really love the material of these shirts. It’s like those sweat wicking kind of textures. It feels so soft and cold across your skin. Mmm … perfect! And look at the front and back details! Gorgeous. Cannot wait to wear this!! If I remember correctly, it glows in the dark. How awesome!


I forgot it came with some Gu as well!!! Lemon Sublime. Mint Chocolate. Tri-Berry.

I’m on Gu overload over here!

Thank you to Jess and Evan!! You guys are terrific!!

This is the last package I’ll be getting for a long time. I don’t think anyone’s that lucky to win so many giveaways in one month’s time.


Obviously this post took too long for me to write (a good 10 minutes) that Krypto has knocked out. Ridiculous.

I think I might just follow suit …. it’s been a long day.