De Lorenzo Is Calling My Name

Last night, I ventured out to find a dress to wear to my friends’ engagement party. After, much looking around, I found one. It was from Macy’s for $17.99, I believe.


Te gusta?

Sadly, it won’t be worn Sunday.

I got a call from De Lorenzo Friday night, to confirm our hair appointment Saturday for their show Sunday and Monday.

Since I have school Monday, I can only do Sunday and well … yeah, it clashes with the engagement party as well as football practice.

Sadly, I already knew about the show earlier than the engagement party so, I have to go with what I committed to first, right?

Once in a lifetime, right? Plus, I can cross off getting my hair did professionally and getting my make up did professionally off my list.


This is what the show is called.

Today was prep day, not the real show. It was a Tammy, Jenny, and me type bonding moment. We got there at around 10:45am. Matt found us and took us to the Model Check-In.


I felt like a rockstar. I will never be a model model. Have you seen my body? So, I felt very happy.


They gave us checkerboard wristbands and made us fill in the consent form. Check and Check.


Since they were busy with coloring the other girls’ hair, they told us to hang around and be back by a certain time. We walked across the street to the Riverwalk and ate at the Food Court. It is the devil over there. Reminds me why I never eat at Food Courts if I have the choice. So fatty, so bad for you foods.

We headed into Macy’s too since we had time to spare and we wanted to know if we can find anymore amazing dresses like the one up top. I bought this blue tee for $4.99!


Then it was time to head back, and head back we did. Then we waited for a little while for our turn.


I was the first to go into the chair. I have “virgin hair” as they call it. So I was hell-a scared.


Reping that De Lorenzo swag (Why do people say swag? Just now tried it and uh .. it’s awkward.)

That’s Molly in the back. She was the one that found us.Open-mouthed smile


They did highlights for Tammy (Left) and Jenny (Right).


They even fed us since we were there for so long. Us three just got a jumbo hot dog each. That would be Matt putting the food together in the picture on the left; on the right is our hot dogs and condiments. Yum!


They even have those chairs at the salons to wash out your hair and that’s where we all went to get that done. That would be Tammy getting her hair washed and conditioned and what not. The one doing so is Douglas. He is hilarious. His little comments make me laugh. I was sad for him though because one of the girl models ate his food (who didn’t order any) and he got none. That sucks major boo boo!


Our Before Pictures


Our After Pictures

I don’t see any difference with my hair but it could be because they know I was scared that I’ve never dyed my hair before so they went super easy on it. Maybe tomorrow they can make it more bam bam bam!

We’re told they aren’t done yet, so we shall see what else they have in store for us tomorrow before the show!


This picture does not do this girl justice but her hair was gorgeous! The one that did it for her, his name is Marvin. He is so funny. Always so excited and happy! Love it!


The goodie bag they gave us for being their models! The bag’s material is amazing. I love it. They gave us shampoo, conditioner, and treatment for colored hair.

Their products are amazing. My hair feels amazing. They don’t test on animals and it’s organic! If I was rich, I would buy everything they have because my gosh … I love it!

See how big this place is? Picture it 500 times this size. That’s how big this show is going to be. AND they have rooms turned into classrooms outside of this room for people to learn more! It’s all so dang interesting!

Now I can cross off getting my hair professionally done off my bucket list!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!

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