Strut Your Stuff Girlfriend!

Today was the day of the show! Ahhhh!

We woke up really tired.

But we didn’t have to really get ready so we went out the door in a jiffy pop!

People were everywhere and everything was just crazy.

We walked straight to the back to the De Lorenzo station.

Tammy started on her make up. She was the lucky one. Jenny and I never got our make up done professionally … so now I can’t cross that off my bucket list. Sad? Yes. Very much so.


We had more work done on our hair. Mine more than the others.


Make up free, baby, all day erryday!

They did some highlights? Lowlights? on one side. Having foil in your hair is kind of annoying but so exciting since it was my first time.


They washed it out, and this is the color that came out.

Luckily they didn’t leave it that way.


I went through another process of that until they got the desired color and these were the colors. They look dark but the result is very bright.


They fed us again too!! I picked a Turkey sandwich and added lettuce in it with regular chips and Sierra Mist. I drank a little less than half of that soda. Bubbly really does hurt my throat.


This is our after picture. With it dyed and cut after being on stage.

Can you see Tammy’s make up? Her hair got lightened and put in some dark blonde highlights.

I got my hair lightened (my hair is very very dark) and they put in fire red and copper red on one side underneath my hair.

We weren’t sure what happened with Jenny’s but she got some chocolate highlights put in and we think they darkened her hair underneath.

Marvin layered all of our hair the way it would work with our hair and our face. He is amazing. Our hair feels so light now. And he kept our length. This man is a genius!


Us three with our new hair.

You like?


On the left is me and Molly. The one who recruited us and helped dye our hair and style!

On the right is Matt and I. He helps them out and he brought us our lunch too. And he never got it wrong!


Oh the outfit I wore were jeans and boots with a “I Red heart De Lorenzo“ t-shirt and a “I Red heart De Lorenzo” sash. Uhh .. yeah I lost an arm. But FUN STUFF!


On the left is me and Doug. He helped dye and style our hair.

On the right is Tammy, Jenny, Marvin, and me. He was the one who put layers into our hair. He was also the star of the show. He talked on stage and performed his magical-ness of cutting hair in 7 minutes type thing.


Afterward, we went home and took better close up pictures of our hair. You can see more of the redness of my hair in each picture. But if I show you the bottom bottom … it’s fire red! Eek.

Jenny and I wanted to get feathers in our hair since Friday and since we obviously couldn’t do it Saturday and this morning, we were in the mood to now.

We called the lady and she hooked us up.


On the left is Jenny. She got an orangey black one on top right and a black and white one on the bottom left.

On the right is me. I got an orangey black one on top and a black and white one on the bottom. I got it all on the same side since they put red on only one side. It would look weird if they were on the opposite.

My hair is burned out! But it was fun. I sent pictures to my brother and sister. I wonder what they’re going to say. Eeek. Scared!

I wonder what my parents will say!

I wonder what people in school will say.

I guess we shall see!

Time to relax.

I hope your weekend was just as eventful!

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