Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s kind of hard to write this post.


There’s a ball of fluff on my chest and his butt is on my arm.

Today is a celebration day for the Chinese. Some Vietnamese people celebrate it as well.

It comes once a year.

It’s called Mid-Autumn Festival.

So I would say “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!”

The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching. A day for family reunion. And since the Chinese character for “Reunion” is the same as “round”, the moon cake is round-shaped. Though nowadays some are squared.

This is what a Moon Cake looks like. It’s made from lotus seed paste which is sweet and may contain egg yolks from salted duck eggs, like the one above, to represent the full moon. They are usually eaten in small wedges with Chinese tea.

I’m not a big fan of the egg yolk so I usually choose a piece without it.

Jenny and I went to a Chinese market here a few hours ago to see if we can get our hands on one. Sadly they cost too much here in San Antonio.

It’s around $20+ for four or $6 for one. What?! Ridiculous. It’s very high demand though so … yeahh.

Therefore, none for us this Mid-Autumn day.

Time to “study”. I feel SUPER lazy this semester. Not good.