Chivalry Is Not Dead

Do you hear that? It’s me crying.

This morning I checked Living Social as I do everyday (along with Groupon) and saw the deal for Whole Foods.


I went to pull out my wallet but realized I forgot it back home! So I was like, you know, I can get this later.

Well I was wrong as wrong as can be. When I got home. This stared back at me.


I have lost my chance so now I am crying like a baby. Someone share with me?


Last night before bed, I made me and Jenny OOIAJ. Well hers was more along the lines of OOIAC since she didn’t have a jar.

She’s never had it before so hopefully she liked what I made her. I would ask her but right now she’s sprawled on the couch taking a nap. If she doesn’t like it, at least I tried, eh?

For some reason, our apartment has been hot so we slept in the living room. Her on the couch and me on the floor. It’s kind of scary when you’re watching Ghost Whisperer. It’s super dark and you see shadows EVERYWHERE!

Sadly, when I did go to sleep on the floor, the carpet itched me terribly so I slept in my room, on my bed instead. I rather sweat then itch all over.


Today the shuttles were crowded. So crowded that the bus driver couldn’t stop by the other two stops to pick people up.

There was this guy that was already sitting in his seat, looked up at me and said,

Do you want my seat?

I politely declined. And he made sure I was for sure okay with it.

Who does that nowadays?

No one really. It’s pretty much me, me, me. I want this and I want that.

So he made me see that not everyone are jerks. That there are some nice people around.

That chivalry is not dead.

I’m not saying that if you don’t give up your seat, you’re a jerk. But that there are people out there still that are gentlemen.

I’m old fashion. I like when a guy holds a door for me or say please and thank you. It’s polite. It’s what I learned growing up. But it seems to me, it’s dying.

Don’t worry men. I’m not only saying negatives about your race. It’s the same for women too.

I just wish the world was a better place. That people are polite.

I would love a knight in shining armor, please!


Someone made me cry today. Like really cry. Not the kind of crying I did for Whole Foods. She was being rude to me always and I couldn’t take it anymore.

But I got free Pappasito’s from the CPE so I feel better now.

Time to study. I am so behind!