Playing Hooky

Mmm … OOIAJ is seriously back in my life.


See what’s behind me? Blankets and pillows. All Jenny’s. She’s still sleeping in the living room. I would too but for some reason, my bed keeps calling my name.Embarrassed smile

I have decided to not go to class today. That’s the reason for the glasses and gross hair. It’s just one class so … it shouldn’t matter, right?

I have decided it’ll be my catch up day. Read my chapters because there is just so much!

But right now, I’m watching 40 Most Shocking Breakups on VH1 and catching up on my Google Reader. I didn’t even know half of these people aren’t together anymore. Ridiculous.

I wish there were no divorces, like how it was back in the days. You are set with that person … forever. That’s probably the reason I’m afraid of commitment.

Whoops. Did I just say that to the world?