Survivor Alert

Look what I created in less than an hour’s time!! Below is the flyer that’s going to go around to get people to buy our (FTK’s) tickets!! We’re selling them for cheap. I think $3 less than what it should be. That’s a good price … right?

We’re hoping to sell enough tickets to fill up the Alamodome! If you’re interested, and from San Antonio, please, please, please help us!!

This is the Survivor Alert teaming up with For The Kids Dance Marathon at UTSA. It’s going to be so much fun, so much activities since a lot of kids will be there!!

Cross your fingers we’re successful!!

Survivor Alert Flyer

I loved making this flyer and I kind of wish this is my future job. It’s so much fun!! I love to photoshop though I’m not great at it … but I’m a fast learner. I taught myself what I know now.

Anyone know a job like that opening soon?

Oh .. I had froyo today. No pictures, sadly. But mmm .. it’s too sweet. I can only take like three bites and I get sick of it. Fro-yo lovers, don’t hate me please.

Bedtime. Night blogworld!


I lived such a hard life yesterday.

Just sitting there and not doing anything but study, watch Ghost Whisperer, and scratch Krypto’s tummy.

You know, the hard life.

Skipping my one class might not have been smart but I needed it. Especially since today I’ll be in school for longer than 10 hours. Curses on late meetings.


A couple of days ago, I posted this on my twitter:


It should actually say “these last couple of months.” Whoops. But seriously, I’m so thankful. I get to try new things.

Getting to try products for free makes it taste better and makes me more likely to go out and buy it when I run out. Which I have done.

I won a giveaway few days ago, that’s also on my bucket list. I’m not going to say what it is just yet, but when I receive it, you will definitely hear about it. So keep a look out!

I’m also lucky because things have been going well this year in college. College hasn’t always been a happy place for me these past four years and I’m happy to say, this year might just be different.

Oky, I’ve procrastinated enough. Back to work on FTK things then heading to the FSA meeting later tonight. Whoop!