Hello Goodbye!

These school weeks are too dang long.

Did any of you have to take or is taking or have to take Business Law?

I am dying from all these legal terms. Why does an information system major have to learn about how to sue someone and all this other junk?

I guess it’s good to know for the future. But ugh …


Business Law is so dang time consuming that I magically ended up in the university’s library this morning.

And I’m still studying!! But I needed a break so I popped in to say hello.


And remember that cute guy from the office? I found out some things about him and apparently he might just be single and is a family man (meaning he goes home a lot to visit the family!). Sadly, I’m not there anymore so I can’t holler at him. Chance to ever talk to him, to be his friend is gone. Fear does that to yah.


Oh and I also wanted to say, no matter how pretty you are, once you show your true colors and have a horrible attitude and personality, you are automatically ugly to me. So no matter how much I use to think you were pretty, gorgeous, or handsome, once you do something so dramatic, it changes all my feelings I once thought of you.

And now break’s over. Going to go over this study guide once more until I fall asleep.

Bye bye!!

3 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye!

  1. I was just thinking of you last night wondering how you were doing – you haven’t been as prevalent in the blog/twitter world as usual!!

    sorry that studying is consuming your life, you’ll get through it though! and i wish i could help with business law but since i was a mass communication major all i ever took was media law and i don’t think that’d be of much help!

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