I’m Hongry

I’m sitting in class.
My stomach is growling.
I cannot concentrate.
So I’m sitting here typing.

Say that ^ like I’m rapping. It works.Winking smile

But I really am feeling that way. I need to wake up earlier for a meal before heading to school.

Anyway, I worked out last night … in a way. I had a soccer game with FTK. It was our best one yet. We tied 4-4 but sadly lost it at the PKs in the end. I’m not a soccer player. I don’t do well with my legs … but run. And even then, not so great. So it was fun while it lasted.

Does anyone know anything about T-Mobile phones? I can renew my contract Oct. 24th and have been searching for a new one. I don’t know anything about phones and am afraid I’ll pick one that sucks. HELP!Confused smile