I’m Hongry

I’m sitting in class.
My stomach is growling.
I cannot concentrate.
So I’m sitting here typing.

Say that ^ like I’m rapping. It works.Winking smile

But I really am feeling that way. I need to wake up earlier for a meal before heading to school.

Anyway, I worked out last night … in a way. I had a soccer game with FTK. It was our best one yet. We tied 4-4 but sadly lost it at the PKs in the end. I’m not a soccer player. I don’t do well with my legs … but run. And even then, not so great. So it was fun while it lasted.

Does anyone know anything about T-Mobile phones? I can renew my contract Oct. 24th and have been searching for a new one. I don’t know anything about phones and am afraid I’ll pick one that sucks. HELP!Confused smile

7 thoughts on “I’m Hongry

  1. hahahha we got a mass email for our 500+ people chemistry class that said:

    sorry to bother, but does anyone have any food? i’m so hungry!
    i am sitting in the back row.
    ps – i love peanut butter and chocolate!


    i also am not the best soccer player, every time i get the ball i dont know what to do with it! still so much fun though!!

  2. Oh man. You are totally bringing back memories of when I was young back and college. The last class before lunch KILLED! All I would think about was food. What’s FTK? I always thought soccer would be fun, but I’ve never really gotten to play. I figure running around would be good exercise anyways.

    • I cannot believe a lot of bloggers have been out of college for a long time already. I feel like they’re just like me! haha

      FTK stands for “FOR THE KIDS”. We are an organization trying to raise money and awareness about pediatric cancer. It’s our fourth year and we’re slowly getting our university as well as the community involved. you can check out more at http://www.danceforthekids.org (hehe)

      I’m a football, basketball, volleyball, softball kind of girl. Stuff you do with your hands. I’m not great at it but definitely better than soccer. haha

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