Curse You Finance!

Rudy’s was divine. I really need to find out how to get pictures out of my phone and onto these posts!

I ordered 1 lb of MOIST brisket. I would get lean but it’s always so dry. Sad smile

And a quart of creamed corn.

I only ate a little and have A LOT of leftovers!!

I’ve been studying for this Finance test all day. Tomorrow I have to take that test at 2pm. Then I have two volleyball games and two basketball games.

Crazy huh?

Anyway, a guy friend of mine got broken up with a long time girl of his. He was really hurt by it and now a few months later, he’s found a girl he thinks is “amazing”. His words.

I’m happy for him. He’s a romantic so hearing him say all these things is cute and I wish I could find a guy that is like that.

I hope everything goes well for him. He deserves it. Smile

Okay back to Finance. I need to ace you.


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