For The Kids Dance Marathon at UTSA

I have great blog friends. I don’t have a lot like others, but it’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Winking smile

Last Friday, my organization, For The Kids (FTK) Dance Marathon at UTSA hosted our kick-off event, Fashion Out Cancer Show.

You like the flyer I created?

Fashion Out Cancer Show Flyer Final

Planning and putting together the event was stressful. Thinking everything would go well … think again. Things go wrong.

Things always go wrong.

Though we seemed a little disorganized and frazzled with everything that was going on, the kids and the families had fun. And that is all that mattered.

I love seeing those kids on stage, having fun, just getting to be a kid for once instead of being confined to the hospital walls.

The whole purpose is to help raise awareness about pediatric cancer in South Texas and fundraise money for families in need.

It’s starting to catch on on campus and hopefully the whole community will be aware.

Hopefully one day we can help fund money for pediatric cancer research. Here’s to hoping.

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