11.11.11: Do I Get To Make Wishes All Day?!

Seriously … can anyone answer that question for me?

Or do I still have to follow the 11:11 am/pm rule?

I guess I’ll just make wishes all day as well to be on the safe side. Winking smile

I had to wake up super early today to sign up for classes that I need to take next semester.

My last one (hopefully) ever. Sad. Sad smile

I was in a fuzzle. It was either Photography class and Digital Forensics class, or just Website Development since all three does not fit into my schedule. Since Website Development sounds more useful for the future, I’ve picked that.

I don’t know if I’ll ever use those skills to my blog since I think it’s a different language. But in the future, if I want to look into building websites, I have that working for me if that’s where I want to be. Winking smile

Guess I can self teach myself Photography like everyone else in the world.

Now I’m sitting in the advisor’s office, second time this week so I can ask her to give me paperwork for an Independent Study.

Let’s hope she gives that to me. I NEED IT!!

Hope you’re having a good morning!! Smile

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