Taqueria Data Point

On Friday night, Katrina and I went to

2011-11-11 19.01.04

Taqueria Data Point
4063 Medical Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
(210) 615-3644

As you can see in that picture, they open until very late. They actually just expanded because there were so many customers coming in and their place was so dinky small.

I remember going here my freshman year but then never being able to find it until recently.

2011-11-11 19.00.49

Chips & Salsa | free

Right when you sit down, the put it down on your table. Beware though. The salsa is muy caliente! (Is that the same word for spicy?) Their chips are very, very crispy and delicious.

2011-11-11 19.15.52

Barbacoa To-Go [with 8 tortillas] | $9.99/lb

Pico de Gallo | $1.00

You get to chose if you want flour or corn tortillas. I went for the corn. If you’ve ever had barbacoa, and tried Data Point, you will know they have the best. It is very juicy and succulent. I had so much leftover as well.

It was so delicious, I went with Tammy and Jenny last night. They LOVE it and had a lot of leftovers as well.

Come here if you’re ever in San Antonio.

Though it looks very run down, it’s the best I’ve had in San Antonio. Their service is not very amazing because I always have to raise my hand to get a refill of anything.

Plus this time I ordered corn tortillas as usual and they ran out and only gave me three and hid flour tortillas underneath and didn’t even tell me. That = bad service. I actually forgot to give a tip as well … whoops.

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