Freedom came to me at 3:10pm!

He let us out 5 minutes early.

Jenny came and picked me up from school so we could go straight to our destination.

Sadly, she forgot something so we had to swing back to the apartments.

Then we were on our way to Dallas.

I had a class. A test. And another class.

I never understand why professors give us tests few days before we get out.


I bumped into a friend though.


She gave me a thank you card for donating a little something to FTK for the gift cards. And then she gave me a clown chocolate on a stick type thing.

It’s in Spanish so I don’t know what it is exactly. It fills soft so maybe it’s some kind of marshmallow covered chocolate? Hmm ..

Anyway, we got stuck in a 6 hour car ride that was supposedly suppose to be a 5 hour car ride. A little over. Not that terrible … I guess.

I got to Jenny and Tammy’s house at around 10:30pm and we ate their mum’s homemade pho. Yum!

Now Jenny’s asleep next to me on the couch while I watch Malcolm in the Middle and typing this up.

Can’t wait for the rest of my adventures here in Dallas, Houston, then back to Dallas, and Austin before heading back to San Antonio.

Whoo! Road trip galore!! Smile

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