Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s my blog’s first Thanksgiving!! Smile

I am safely in Houston as of 10am. It’s great to be back.

Home Sweet Home.

I was thinking of doing a very short “What I’m Thankful” post so here goes.


We fight, we argue … it’s normal and pretty much inevitable. With that aside, I love them with all my heart. They are the only ones that will stay by you no matter what because that’s what family is. I’m happy I’m with every single one of them tonight. Without them, it won’t be right.

I’m also thankful that I get to spend so much time with my brother these past few days and upcoming days. I rarely get to see him so it’s really a special treat.

And for my brother’s girlfriend, and sister’s boyfriend. We don’t have that weird awkwardness that some families get when their significant others are around. We can joke and laugh and have a good time.

Family also counts for the dogs: Rocky, Pluto, and Krypto. I love and miss them so much when they’re not around.


I have many acquaintances but for them to be my friend, not so much. It’s hard for me to let people in but I’ve been trying to fix that. I can be intimidating when you first meet me but it’s all just an act. Afraid for people to hurt me first so I put on a show. Once you get to know me, I’m not bad at all but actually very loving and do anything for them. (Or so I’ve been told.)

I’m thankful for all of them sticking by me through all these years and those I just met, hopefully they’ll still be there.


I’m very happy I’ve made this blog. It’s been my outlet for pretty much petty things. But it’s also made me happier. For a long while I’ve been stuck in, I wouldn’t say depression, but sadness. Everything wasn’t going right and I felt everyone I trusted would stab me in the back. I’ve been told I need to not let people use me and find better friends.

Once I started this blog, I’ve been happier. I’ve “met” people I would have never met but they (YOU) have motivated me. I have fell off the wagon but you’re still there and never left. And I thank you. I know it’s not a reason to say I’m busy so I haven’t ran … but I know I’ll start again soon. Promise.

Thank you for reading and being there for me. You guys mean a lot and has helped me when no one else could because sometimes, strangers are better at understanding you when they don’t even know you!

Those are just a few things I’m thankful for. Winking smile Don’t want to bore y’all too much.

Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and don’t worry about eating a little more than you planned.

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