Life’s Getting Easier


I hope everyone is doing well this week so far!

I have found out I don’t have to take a final if I don’t want to because I would have to get a really high B for the letter grade to change. I will still try, but I think no matter what, it’ll stay the grade I already have now.

And since I have to build a website, NOT FROM SCRATCH, thankfully, that should be easy. I’ll most likely WordPress a new blog and put some of the stuff I put on here and drag it over there so they don’t entirely have my blog at hand. Done deal. No real final here.

So that leaves only two: Business Law and Finance.

If I study hard enough, I can pass my classes with flying colors.

Wish me luck!


Tonight, I got free tickets for an early screening of New Years Eve!

It was actually a really dang good movie. I liked it way more than Valentine’s Day. Go watch it this Friday!

This is part of the group of people I went with but there were a lot of other people I knew there too.


Okay, now back to studying. Night everyone! Smile