Almost Done!


These pills, Rhodiola 110, that I said I took last night … they really work.

There is Vitamin C, some kind of root, Greet Tea Extract, and spinach and whatnot in them.

I popped one in and worked for two hours without stopping. So boosted my mental and physical performance!

I got a lot of work done.

Right now I’m studying for more Finance, popped one in and got a lot of work done.

It feels good.

Let’s just hope I get a good grade on this final.

I cannot wait for 10am. That is when I’ll be done with finals! (Unless I finish earlier.)

My plan was to go to Dallas for my cousin, Joanna’s, graduation ceremony. But it starts at 4pm. 5 hour drive? Yep. Either I end up making it RIGHT on time, or I don’t make it at all. So why bother …

So I’m thinking a 5 hour nap instead.

But I doubt it. We shall see.

Study Break

I only have one more final I have to study for: Finance.


It’s on Friday. Way to end the week right?

Anyway, I started getting the munchies so I put my puffed rice cereal, milk, chia seeds, and cacao powder together.


Mistake. Cacao powder is kind of yucky. I resulted in throwing it away.

Like how I photoshopped words in? Yep … it was that gross.

Now I’m not so hungry.

But I still have to study.


Jenny’s mum gave me some pills, Rhodiola 110, that is suppose “To help maximize mental and physical performance …”

So Katrina took one … and I am about to, too.

Hopefully it works!

Bye! Smile