I know it’s been forever that I’ve posted therefore these past food places and what I’ve done, etc. will be coming up these next few days.

Forgive me.

As some of you know, I went to Dallas for part of my Thanksgiving break. So naturally we went to some different places for some yums!

2011-11-26 13.17.20

12909 Midway
Dallas, TX 75244

2011-11-26 13.16.56

I got the Double-Double as you can see in the wrapper above. [two 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, two slices of American cheese, with or without onions, stacked high on a freshly baked bun]

It was delicious. But I had high expectations for this burger and it did not give me the satisfaction I was hoping for. It was good but not good enough in my book.

2011-11-26 13.15.51

This is the shot of my brother’s order … Cheeseburger [100% pure beef patty, lettuce, tomato, spread, one slice of American cheese, with or without onions, on a freshly baked bun]

I put this shot in to show the French Fries [fresh cut potatoes prepared in 100% vegetable oil]

Was not delicious at all. Kind of disgusting if you ask me. It was too hard – over fried perhaps?

Compare this with Carl’s Jr. … definitely does not compare. Carl’s Jr. for the win. I felt I wasted my 6 bucks on this ish.


I’m back in the good ole Houston … okay, Katy.

Feels good.

I got in at 12pm and has been doing nothing but play with Rocky, help make dumplings, and watch a lot of movies on Netflix.

2011-12-17 16.56.32

Feels good.

Tomorrow (today?) is family day … minus the brother. He’s not in town yet.

But sissy, mum, dad, June, and I will be going out for brunch at some vegetarian place.


I have gotten all my grades except for my Finance class. Why the torture?!

Just glad to be home. Smile