Curse of the iTouch

20 minute run.

How many miles?

I’m not sure.

My iTouch thought it’d be funny to not work before my run.

My thoughts were to give up and charge it and make up the run tomorrow,

Or just run for the first time without music … without my iTouch to tell me how far I’ve ran.

I picked the latter.

You proud?

I’m sure I did not break the 2 mile mark yet but I believe I ran more than yesterday.

Another first was running with my hair down. It feels super good with the wind.

And it didn’t come out that terribly. Kind of like it … it gave me more volume.


Anyway, so far so good with the running front.

I’ll make sure to charge up my iTouch for my next run.

Scout’s Honor.

Time to shower … then paint.

Wouldn’t it be ironic
If at this very moment
You were thinking of me
As I am thinking of you?

1:30 AM Realizations

I finally remembered my MySpace and Xanga passwords. I certainly took a long trip down memory lane. Some I wish never came back while others, I did not mind at all.

Reading old Xanga posts = great memories but who are some of those people who commented or I wrote about?

Obviously, they aren’t important now.

Then there’s some that found their way back to my life.

I’m not sure how long he’ll they’ll stay there, but hopefully forever.

One thing I also realized …

Weight needs to be lost.

I might not have been one of those crazy pretty girls back then but I look way better then than I do now.


Guess old age catches up to you. (Jokes.)