My mum needed me to do something for her but instead of calling me and waking me up, she sent me a text to do it whenever I felt like it when I woke up.

Then she bought me one of my favorite dishes for dinner and made one of my favorite veggies! Watercress. If you’ve never had it, you’re missing out. Winking smile

I guess she knew I slept at 6am last night and wanted to reward me for my hard work.

Thanks mum. You the best. Red heart

Sadly, I did have to take a few calls that woke me up from my sleep. And I had to make a few as well. All for the site. I gave up on going back to sleep and worked on some things for it. But now they’re all sent to Andrew C. for changes. I hope he is having a good and relaxing day. I think today is the first day in three/four days I have not Skyped with him.

I love his company, but it feels pretty good not having to use my voice. My voice is scratchy from all the phone calls and Skype meetings I had with him and everyone else in between.

I just finished answering ALL emails sent to me since before, during, and after the start of building those sites. It feels good to come to an empty inbox.

Working a full time job isn’t as stressful as it has been these past few days … but I love it. Seeing the work is viewed by many makes me all happy inside. I’m sure Andrew C. feels the exact same way. Thanks to everyone that’s gone there to check it out.

Now it’s time to relax. Xbox Kinect Dance Central 2 … you and I have a date. Open-mouthed smile

Pee In My Pants Excitement!

Gross? TMI? Good. I have gotten your attention. Smile with tongue out

June just woke up and the first thing she asks is, “Are you done?”

In which I reply, “Yes ma’am. And it feels damn good.”


Andrew C. and I have been working on the newly improved FTK website for over 12 hours today and we called it quits at 4am. It is literally new – from scratch. More things will be added and fixed up as days go by, but I can say that I am very happy with how everything is right now. All because …

Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool!
Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool!
Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool! Andrew C. is cool!

I only say that because I was forced to. He wanted “Andrew C. is cool!” 12 times and he got his wish … but I guess now, that makes it 13. He’s one out of two in my life that knows my blog URL. The only reason those two know it is because I needed to show them how I wanted certain things on the new FTK website and how I was going to make The FTK Blog. I kind of regret doing so because Andrew C. uses it against me – always.

930x198 2

And with that, I am finished with the FIRST EVER! blog for FTK – The FTK Blog. I had the honor of writing the first post … only because I was the one that created it and it was my idea to start one. Lucky me, huh?

That would be our banner for that site. This is the sixth one I’ve created and realized that it is the one I love. Put in 2-3 hours for nitpickiness for each, it would equal roughly 12-18 hours of trying to create a good banner.

If you would want to check out those two things so that it won’t feel as if Andrew C. and I wasted our whole winter vacation working on these two sites, that would be amazing. We can become best friends or something … I’ll even give you a cookie.

Andrew C. and I are taking the day off. My phone will be off the hook. I don’t want to hear one negativity or something that needs fixing. Just compliments to Andrew C. and I for now.

But of course if things need to be changed, what can we do …