Tiny Boxwoods Cafe

Yesterday I got to see my dear friend, Ed!

The 30+ minute drive was worth it since I got to catch up with him.

We ate at his restaurant

Tiny Boxwoods Café
3614 West Alabama Street
Houston, TX
(713) 622-4224

I don’t think this is the one though. They have more than one location and I cannot find a website so this is the one we’ll stick to. Anyway,

2012-01-05 12.29.02

Look at their menu board! It’s so cute!! You look at the menu by the door and then you order at the counter. Sit down and they bring the food to you. Smile

2012-01-05 12.34.26

They put a boxwood plant on each table. And their glasses are so cute!

2012-01-05 12.29.282012-01-05 12.43.32

I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie. I’m not sure how much it costs.

This was delicious … once I got used to the vinegar? that they put in it for that tart taste. The crust was super flaky and delicious. He actually made that the night before so it was pretty cool to try something he made.

I would go here again just to try all the other things.

Ed actually rooms with the pastry chef for Tiny Boxwood so I would hope to try that one day.


Time to change and get ready to go out and about.

Happy Friday! Open-mouthed smile