Aw poop.

My sissy texted me today saying that she was reading a blog and saw something of mine and looked it up.

Now she knows my blog!

AHHHH! I have to censor everything I say now.

The last few days I’ve lost my appetite. I would only eat once a day. I’m falling back into that pattern which is horrible because I don’t want to go through that again. I’m pushing myself to eat but it just makes me feel all bleugh. Hopefully it’ll pass.

Tomorrow’s Friday! You all must be super excited! Open-mouthed smile


2012-01-09 02.51.242012-01-11 01.10.31

Rocky got to sleep in my room the last few nights. He would climb onto my extra bed that’s in my room then into his own bed. He so cute! Smile

2012-01-09 09.13.29

We dropped Rocky at the vet’s for his check up on Monday and on the way back it was flooding like crazy. The water pretty much came up to more than half my tires. Eep.

I’m such a safe driver that I can take pictures during a time like this …

2012-01-10 13.06.09

A package came to my front steps! Rocky started sniffing it. Stinkin’ cute!

2012-01-10 21.06.262012-01-10 20.57.25

Michelle, Stephanie, and I met up last night and we got drinks. I got the Half and Half (Harp Lager and Guinness).

It was also bingo night. We got there for the last round = blackout. I was very excited. I’ve always wanted to play grown up bingo! I lost though … obviously.

I’ve been back to San Antonio as of 11:30am. I went to work on some FTK stuff until 7:30pm then hung out with Andrew C., Eric S., and a guy I just met, Paul. We had drinks and dinner at Flying Saucer then went and played pool. Teams of two … 3 out of 5. We = Andrew and I, lost. Of course. Anyone who’s ever on my team will lose …