Warning: Depressing Post

This break I found out something I didn’t have to know – didn’t want to know. Knowing sucks. Sometimes it’s not so great when someone trusts you enough. Especially when it involves cutting.

The only thing I can do is do everything in my might to make you stop which means texting you all the time to make sure you have someone to talk to and trusting you when you tell me you aren’t cutting.

My life flipped upside down yesterday because of you. But all I can do is put on a happy face and pretend everything is okay.

Going out last night with the boys and tonight for Sarah’s birthday should have taken my mind off of you and your problems but I worry. I worry that you might fall back into the same routine.

Today I wished I could take a day off from being everyone’s psychiatrist sometimes. Especially when I’m going through my own things. Things that I put on padlock because sometimes I feel my problems aren’t as important as everything in the world.

Who can I talk to when knowing is too much? Who can I tell my problems too?

I cannot fix everyone’s problems no matter how much I wish I could. I hope that it can be different with you but you’re making it harder and harder with each passing minute …