Good Season

Oh Texans. You disappointed me. But it was a good game with a rookie quarterback and no Mario Williams. Didn’t give up. I still love you though. We’ll get them next year when Matt Schaub is back.

My Uncle called me and we watched part of the game for a little bit but I had to hang up on him. We realized I had a 7 second lag. So every time something happened, he was already yelling, screaming, or cursing. Yeah … he gave it all away.

Last night I was told I was one of the guys since I like to play and watch sports. In which I replied with, “I don’t think that’s a good thing.” Guys want a girl. Not a guy. So maybe that’s where I go wrong. Hmm ..

And I was also hinted that I’m not a good singer. Which makes me sad. I hope he was kidding. Everyone else tells me my singing voice is not bad. So either everyone’s been lying to me and he’s the first to tell me the truth or vice versa.

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