I <3 VitaCost

I had a great night celebrating a new friend’s birthday and meeting so many people. What wasn’t so great is smelling like smoke. Yuck.

I’ve been doing some exercises to build up strength in my foot from when I fractured it. Seems to be going well so far except from when I try to stretch it out … that’s when it hurts. I cannot wait until the day I can start running again.

One more day until school starts. Eeep! So excited.


Oh! And my VitaCost stuff just came to my door! I have food now! Yayyyy!! Smile ha My friends make fun of how happy I get when I buy and receive my organic food. Weirdo right hurr!


The Sunbutter looks a little shady though with no wrapping around the jar. Hope it tastes good though! It’ll be my first. Eeep!

I’m missing four things on the list soooo hopefully it’ll come soon! Ah can’t wait! Smile