Mailbox Jam

I finally made my way to the front office of my apartment complex knowing that I had one package … but I came out with two!!


Vitacost!! Whoop!! Now there’s only one package left to wait for from them! Smile

2012-01-18 15.26.42Picture0338

I also got a package from Caloric and Crazy!! I won her first giveaway!! Cow Tales galore! I had to rip a bag open to try them. Yummm! Smile Now I have enough to share with my friends. hehe Thanks for all the goodies girlie!! They are so yum!!

2012-01-18 15.36.30

I then ate some organic spaghetti-os! With Arthur in it!! Remember Arthur?!

Loved that show!!

Now it’s time to do homework. Sad smile

Hope you have a good hump day! We’re halfway there!!

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