Brother Bear!

Thanks for all the nice words y’all left about my last post! You guys are truly amazing. Smile

I got to see my Brother Bear, Travis, tonight. He came over and we finally got to catch up. It’s always nice to talk to him. We don’t see each other a lot, but we’re able to do deep talks to one another about life and things that go on when we do see each other. He’s been in my life for over a year and a half and he’s always been there for me so I was finally able to share with him something that was life changing to me and it felt good doing so. He was understanding and nice about it and even tried to teach me ways stop it from happening again. He’s a really great friend, and I’m so happy he’s in my life.

2012-01-19 19.43.57

I made dinner! It looks gross but I promise you, it was delicious! Creamy tomato soup, chicken breast, and broccoli, on jasmine rice. I pretty much just stuck the first three ingredients together and boiled it until the chicken was cooked. Then put it on the rice. Easy and yummy! Open-mouthed smile

Tomorrow’s Friday … which means a very busy day for me! I won’t be able to go home until after 6pm every Friday. Someone save me!