A few of my family friends are doing the Color Run in Austin. I am jealous. I wanted to sign up but no one wanted to do it with me. And now it’s too late. Sad smile Who wants to do it with me next time? I will supply you your white tee!

I’ve been eating three meals a day instead of one. Cleaning out the fridge. Not wasting money. Feels gooooood. I wish I had someone to cook for though. I need a man with a stomach who loves to eat and try new things. He can complain how disgusting it tastes as long as he finishes his plate. Winking smile

A friend of mine always writes about a boy she wants to get with on her Facebook statuses … which annoys me because it doesn’t make her look good and she’s a really nice girl. Especially when other guys find her attractive, but then they see that and get turned off. I don’t understand girls nowadays.

I’ve been told I have to put myself out there more but no matter how I try, it’s not me. I’ll always be the girl with the wall up until the guy breaks the wall down. Might take a while, but that’s when you know the guy is worthwhile.

When I see you.
When I converse with you.
My days are complete.
But it never seems to be enough.
I’m happy if you’re happy.
That’s all I can hope for.

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