~40 degree weather.

Then rain starts to pour.

We had football practice for hours that way.

It was fun.

It’s been almost an hour and I’m still freezing cold and numb.

I love football.

I miss football.

I am so excited.

It’s going down.

Speaking of football … Superbowl almost here! AHHH! Smile


During Leadership Challenge, my friend, Eli, said that I have a gift of being the tough girl (hopefully not the manly type) and still have such an emotional side. That people come to me to talk to me about their problems and thoughts – the psychiatrist. I wonder why that is …

I would not have interaction to some people for a while but when shiet goes wrong for them, they come to me and we talk like we’ve never stopped. And when I say a while, I mean years. I wonder why that is …

I cannot fully trust anyone with my problems. I feel like a burden. That my problems will never be as big. That I know in the end, I can fix it or at least tolerate it.

So I wonder. I wonder why I was given this gift