Recording Studio

I went to Football Practice for an hour and a half. I left half an hour early so that I could get ready. I finally had a chance to step foot in a recording studio. Though it’s connected to a house, it was better than I imagined.

Katrina, Preston, Dilip, Ryan Z., and I were present for Micaela who was recording a song for FTK.


Star of the show, Micaela, busting out her song, Capture That Dream. She had several takes and we finally found the right one that had enough emotion and confidence.

Then came the hard part of adding harmonies and the such. I didn’t want to intrude since I was a guest so I would whisper ideas to Ryan Z. (Overall Chairperson for FTK and Micaela’s brother). And when I finally did speak more openly about my ideas, and they used them, it made me all happy. I contributed to the final product and it feels damn nice.


Ryan and I during one of the playbacks.

The producer is going to put in some beats and see how it sounds. I cannot wait to hear all the different versions and see which one sounds the best!

I’ve always wanted a recording studio, and today it just confirmed it even more. Uh … is it too late to change my major?

FSA Parties

I’m thankful I’ve grown up to realize that I don’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not.

Tonight I looked around the room and saw so many people trying to fit in. They try so hard to get someone to laugh at their jokes or to get some kind of approval. I feel sorry for those people. The sooner they realize trying hard will never get them to fit in, the sooner they realize their own personalities are lovely. That they don’t need to pretend.

I’ve made new friendships tonight and had fun getting to know certain people but it would have been better without the annoying people, loud noises, big crowds, drunk people vomiting everywhere, and the such.

I forgot how FSA parties get …

Football practice tomorrow! I’m ready.