I was having a conversation on Facebook Chat with Brother Bear while Jenny and I were chilling on my bed on our laptops talking and laughing about things.

It resulted to me asking him a question because I needed a guy’s opinion on something. He answers “Hold up, I’m thinking”, to him knocking on my apartment door. We had a 20 minute or so hang out with Jenny and Deana. Then they headed for bed and he and I had almost a 2 hour conversation.

Love talking to him because he lifts me up whenever I’m feeling down or uncertain about something. He always tells me to never give up and to think about “What if?”

So it breaks my heart when I hear when he’s down or uncertain about stuff. I guess you can say I can feel his heart breaking like it was my own. I’m one of those empathetic people. It always hurts when I cannot help ease their pain.

He deserves so much but never gets anything in return. I know whatever happens though, he’ll be okay and he’s strong enough to get overcome anything.

He knows my blog now so … if you’re reading this Travis … you’re the best Brother Bear ever! And everything will be okay. And I hope you’re not mad I’m writing about this in here.

On happier news, I finished my song. Open-mouthed smile  Lalala … and I feel great about it.