Penn State: Day 3

For breakfast we went to:

2012-02-18 10.55.19

The Waffle Shop
1610 West College Ave
State College, Pennsylvania
(814) 235-1816

2012-02-18 11.41.21

Belgian Waffle with four sausage links [golden brown, light and airy, the one and only] | $6.95 One Egg | $0.95 Our Own Famous Home Fries | $1.95

The waffle bland but still delicious nonetheless. I ate it with my ketchup. Like usual. The food was not bad at all but it was very greasy and made my stomach feel disgusting afterward.


Which was not a good idea at all because it was time for the THON 2012 Tour.


We got to go down on the dance floor and see everything from the dancers’ point of view. I didn’t want to leave. So much excitement!

My friend is a Hospitality Captain and was working on the dance floor during this time but sadly, with all the people, I wasn’t able to see her. Sad smile


We went to the dancer alley and saw such inspiration. The dancers get to see who they do it for. There were so many down the hall. But it makes sure the dancers get pumped up enough.


We also got to see where the captains hang out. They have designated sleeping times and rooms. Just look at that spreadsheet. It’s crazy how everything is done. The person’s name is even on there so if you miss your time, you don’t get to sleep.


We took a few pictures with some Star Wars characters. Smile

A few of us went to:

2012-02-18 15.32.31

Jersey Mike’s Subs
4123 Washington Road
McMurray, Pennsylvania
(724) 942-0202


Grilled Veggie Wrap [grilled peppers and onions, melted swiss and provolone, lettuce, tomato, and home-style ranch dressing] | $6.45

I got it to go so that we could head back to the hotel and get an hour and a half rest time before having to head back.

It was very delicious but I wished they didn’t drench it with dressing. It was slimy sticky!


We headed back at 6pm for the 10pm Pep Rally session. But before that began, they got us doing some Yoga so everyone can stretch out. They think of EVERYTHING!

It’s amazing how much spirit Penn State has. I mean, I know they are a big school and it’s been established. But standing there in that Center, you feel like you are a part of them. Freaky to say but I did do one of their chants. I’m an imposter.

I don’t even remember what we did that night. I think we just sat around and chilled since we were so tired.

Day 4 … coming up next.

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