My Thoughts On Paleo

I didn’t blog about the foods I ate during Paleo time and I am so sorry about it. It’s delicious. The only thing is, I did take pictures of the new foods we made and will be accompanying the recipes with it soon. Anyway, this post is all about how I feel about Paleo so let’s get to that.

What is the Paleo Diet? We should be eating the ways our ancestors, or caveman as others say, did. Many think this is a fad diet but it simply is the way of life. The way life was before all of the junk. You can eat whatever you desire … except for grains, dairy, or processed foods that has been modified or tampered in any way. Seems easy enough, right?

Are you always hungry? If you tend to overeat, it’s probably because the foods you have been eating aren’t “real” food. After a few hours pass, you get hungry again. Ever since I did the Paleo diet, I felt fuller faster.

It was difficult at first. I was never a fan of fast foods or sugary goodness like my other friends so it didn’t bother me as much when I had to give those up. But still it sucked having to sit there and see people eat things that you never even cared for but always stuffed your face because you wanted to do the same. You mimic the way those you surround yourself with eat. And ever since I did Paleo, it changed. I didn’t stuff my face but ordered healthy foods and still enjoyed it.

It’s also expensive. For a college student, anything is expensive. I had to look for all natural bacon (I use to hate bacon!) or sausage or organic foods for certain things because everything else would have some type of chemical in it. For eggs, I opted for vegetarian eggs. It seems silly but if I’m doing something, I’m going all the way. Else, I would feel it’s cheating. But I think once you get use to it, it can be cheaper.

Eating out is SUPER expensive. Sometimes it’s nice to eat out because you don’t want to eat the same thing again. Or you don’t feel like cooking. Or because you simply want a nice juicy steak! It’s really hard trying to find food on the menu to get around and sometimes substituting costs so much but be true to yourself. You’re only cheating yourself and no one else. It’s great to eat out once in a while but limit yourself when going out. It really does drain your wallet. I learned the hard way.

It can be time consuming. Especially when you’re busy and you don’t have time to cook. But ever since FTK ended for the year, I’ve had more time and could actually come home and make foods. Only thing is I tend to eat the same thing over and over again. Spinach, mushroom, and egg omelet. Simple and easy and gets the job done. Sometimes I get sick of it, but then I switch it up with chicken and broccoli or whatever else that is simple. It really isn’t as time consuming once you get use to it.

I’ve lost weight! That is always a plus. I would say ever since starting Paleo, I’ve lost at least 12 pounds. 19 total if you count the two weeks of just pure hardcore working out and eating well before starting Paleo. I feel that my jeans and tops and t-shirts are getting a little bigger and it’s easier to fit into them. I’m sure if I worked out more during the time I was doing Paleo, I would of lost more weight and get more definition in my muscles. I’ve been told that they can tell that I’ve lost weight. It’s not super apparent but they can see it in my face and my collarbone. Weird, huh?

Beer! I think the one thing that really sucks, other than not being able to eat ketchup, is not being able to drink beer. We are allowed to drink tequila but who likes that crap anyways? And speaking of ketchup, I’ve lost my love for it. I think that’s good right? Because ketchup is SO horrible for you and it’s filled with lots of chemicals.

There’s a lot of pros and cons with Paleo. But if you overlook the cons, because it’s really not bad at all, it really does change your body and get you to that healthy state of mind! And no calorie counting! Let’s just say I’ve gotten less gassy. Too much information? Sorry!

But I promise you, I did it! And will continue to do it. But of course if I crave something, I will eat a little bit of it. That’s against the rules but rules were meant to be broken!

If you have any questions or need some advice, I’ll be happy to help if I can! Just shoot me an email or comment below! Smile

Laid Back

Today I went crazy.

Ate a lot of foods I usually don’t eat on that Paleo lifestyle.

But it was fun.

But never like this again because it was definitely TOO much!


Hung out with these people for a brief few minutes. We fit 6 people in a convertible. So fun! We took a lot of crazy pictures. I’m going to be sad when I leave them.

This picture reminds me of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I just wish there was one less girl and one more guy. Then it’ll be just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Now we are relaxing and we are going to drink 1800 with orange juice and 1800 with Squirt.


I got a Hoegaarden because I’m a lover of beer and not so much a lover for any other alcohol.

We’re having a girl’s night and watching movies and doing our nails! Whoop!

Time to relax before finals start killing us! Hope you all had a great Friday! Smile



I just wrote 50 thank you cards to some people in FTK. That’s how much FTK means to me. And the people too I guess. I cannot believe I’ll be leaving soon. Sad. FTK has changed my life in so many ways.

On a happier note, as of 12am of today, I have completed 30 days of Paleo. It was hard at first but now, it doesn’t even phase me. Will I stick to complete Paleo? Probably not. I miss ketchup. If you know me, I am a full on spray-ketchup-in-my-mouth-just-cuz lover. Will I overdose on it like I use to? Probably not. I’ve learned my ways on eating better and I won’t go back but sometimes, I will indulge just because I can.

I’ve been coughing like h*** and I really don’t think it’s because I’m sick anymore. I think I have bronchitis or something. If so, dang it. Tomorrow is my last solo and if I cough through that instead of sing, that would be bad. Sad smile

19.4. Almost to the goal. Open-mouthed smile

2012 For The Kids Dance Marathon at UTSA

I’m back!! The FTK Dance Marathon ended yesterday at 1pm.

It was an 18 hour event.

We stood all 18 hours for the fight to help fundraise money For The Kids with cancer. My feet are in pain!


That’s how much we raised!!

We tripled our total from last year. Surprised smile

I have lots to update from the trip from Spring Break which was a month ago. And my Paleo ways. Which I’m still staying strong with. Whoop!

I hope everyone’s been doing well!