Cloud 9

Workout today … nada. I am going to break a sweat later moving things so check!

Yesterday was one of the best days in my book.

Hung out with Jenny in the morning. Saw Shayna and Patricia again. Martina drove from downtown to come see me for a little over an hour. Saw Eli. Saw Bob, my FTK advisor, Jennifer, Evelyn, and Arianna, CPE people. Saw Gary again and hung out with him for a good 3 hours. We caught up and it felt nice. Travis came over and we spoke for a little bit. Seeing my Brother Bear in person is different than through the computer screen, that’s for sure.

Saw him and that made all the difference. It was nice. He was running errands so he asked me to join him and I’m glad I did. He came to pick me up and I went and plopped his present in his lap. I hope he liked his gift; he seemed to have. I got him a preserved baby shark, bottle opener ring, and made him a mixed cd. And the card. Cannot forget the card! But I made sure he didn’t open the card in front of me. That’s just weird. Then we headed to a local bookstore. I love books and I’m so glad he had to go there. Wish I knew about it before though because I would of taken the long drive there to study and whatnot. Then we took a walk around the place. They have some nice scenery and things going on. He took some amazing pictures. We ran a few more errands before he took me back home. I’m not sure if he had fun but running errands had never been so fun to me.

I jumped into my car and went to Cheddar’s to meet up with Amanda, Patricia, Matthew P., Steven, Eric, and his friend Jorge, and Christina. We had a fun non-stop laughing dinner. A few of us were going to go to Kona afterward but because it was packed we all went to Eric’s to chill and Andy L. finally showed up. Life was complete.

When I got home, Jenny and I chilled a little bit and my brother, Tammy, and Sammi arrived.

It was a good day. And I’m still on cloud 9. Is that possible?

Today, I’ll be saying goodbye to San Antonio. I don’t think I’ll be coming back till November. Hopefully it’ll be earlier than that. Fingers cross because some of the people I met here are truly family.

Sorry. Long post about nothing pretty much. I actually just really wanted to remember the moment with him because I don’t know if I’ll have that chance again.

Forgive me.

I Never Want To Leave

San Antonio Part II

If anyone was wondering … I haven’t seen him yet but hopefully I do before I leave and before he leaves out of the country for study abroad. I just want to give him his present. No big deal.

Jenny finally arrived … with Krypto and Pluto last night!! Ahhh … my heart skipped a beat. Love those two puppies (who aren’t puppies anymore).


Then I went to Patricia and Shayna’s and we made dinner with Gary and his boyfriend Matthew! Getting to catch up with them is heaven. I’ve missed them. I also got to meet a guy named Chris tonight. Nice man. So far nothing bad to say about him. Guess my friend picked a good one! Love seeing happy people. Warms my heart.

Today I have great things going on and I cannot wait to start my day!


30 min cardio
Arm: no breaks; 5 lb. weights
     – Tricep Extensions – 30 sec
– Bicep Curls – 20 sec
– Shoulder Presses – 30 sec
– Pushups – 30 sec
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 45 sec hold
– Leg Raises – 30 sec
Leg: 3 sets
     – Dumbbell Lunges – 5 lb. weights; 30 sec
– Squats – 5 lb. weights; 30 sec
– Wall Sits – 40 sec hold

I woke up at 9am … to work out. Who am I? What happened to the girl that worked out at night times? I think this is only temporary.

Not being able to go out and run is one of the hardest things here in San Antonio. Don’t get me wrong, I can. But it’s hard because you have to drive to a trail. Sorry, I’m not about to waste gas.

Just did my usual cardio of jumping jacks, run in place, etc. And then I just about died when arms, abs, and legs happened. Luckily it’s my last one for this plan. Hurray! So that kept me going. I feel it the worse in my legs. Bleugh!

After today, only one more workout and my plan is complete! And then it’s packing and off to Hong Kong! Eeep a dee doo da!


Okay, I won’t keep you much longer. Here’s some things to look at while you wait patiently for work to end so you can go home!

Yes. Preach it sista. I understand if you want to show a little cleavage … but yeah. Seriously, stick them back in.

My people will never live this down. haha

Me to a tee. My uncle got me a Medium sized football jersey and I love it. But it fits my body but my boobage area. I have squashed boobs. Oh, hi uniboob …

With this heat we’re having in Texas, it’s necessary. Now I just need to find someone with a truck …

His hips don’t lie!

Happy Friday! Stay cool! Smile

I’m Back San Antonio!


Be proud of me. I woke up and immediately changed and worked out.

45 min cardio

For the first 15 minutes I had no energy and kept yelling at myself, “Why are you doing this now?”

Yep. I felt like a lazy lard until I picked up my pace and said it’s now or never.

After that 15 minutes I realized it’s not that bad at all.

I congratulate all of y’all that work out in the morning upon waking up.

San Antonio

Reason I worked out so early is because I needed to head to San Antonio. Last time for a while. Hoping I can come back here by September. It sucks how much I really miss these people when I’m back home.

Went to Aerie. Then went and saw Leah at Kona. Caught up and ate. Took a nap (because I’m getting old). And now I’m talking to Jared on Facebook. We have bad timing. Every time he’s free, I’m not and vice versa. He was wondering to hang out and obviously, I’m in San Antonio.

Cannot wait to see some lovelies tonight!! Going to seize the moment!

Question: Foam Roller or The Stick?

Catching Up Is Fun


40 min cardio
Arm: no breaks
– Tricep Extensions – 35 sec
– Bicep Curls – 20 sec
– Shoulder Presses – 35 sec
– Pushups – 35 sec
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 40 sec hold
– Leg Raises – 30 sec
– Toe Touches – 30 sec
Leg: 3 sets
     – Dumbbell Lunges – 5 lb. weight; 30 sec
– Squats – 5 lb. weight; 30 sec
– Wall Sits – 40 sec hold
– Toe Raises – 30 sec

I’ve been trying to get my workouts done earlier in the day so that I don’t dread it at night. Plus it gives me a surge of energy so hopefully this works out.

Like I said, doing them in seconds are harder than doing them in numbers. Sad smile The legs were the worst part.

Hopefully it gets easier by Friday when I repeat Monday’s workout. Here’s to hoping!

Catching Up

Whoo … this week has been catch up overload!

And I’m happy to say it will continue until Saturday. I cannot wait to see everyone in San Antonio! Hopefully I’ll get to see everyone. It’ll be hard since I’m only there for a couple days and there’s so many people I want to catch up with. Sad smile And hopefully I’ll get to see him, too. If not, I’ll be bummed.Annoyed But what can I do … anyway. Back on track.

Seeing Ed Monday night … great!

Seeing Michelle and Stephanie last night catching up on boys, work related things, and other fun stuff. We do movie nights once in a while and this time we watched 21 Jump Street. I’ve already seen it but I didn’t mind seeing it again. Love that movie. So freaking funny. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!

And upon seeing them and getting back home, I get on Facebook (because my life revolves around social media … if you haven’t noticed) and I got an FB IM from Travis! Which ended up in us trying out the Facebook Video Chat for a little after an hour long. Miss talking to him. Face to face.

I love keeping in touch with people. But I must admit, I’m horrible at it when I’m away. I’m happy that there are still people that try to keep in touch with me. I hope it doesn’t change though. I’m trying hard to not pull away from people and keep the connection strong. So far, so good.

Do you tend to lose contact with your old friends? Do you seem to feel disconnected from them? Do you do something to fix it? If so, what do you do?

Talking to Myself


55 mins cardio

On my last week of my workout plan and I cannot be happier because that means I’m closer to being to Hong Kong!

Lazy Day

Okay I’m not really lazy. I’ve just been lazy at catching up with blog readings and commenting back but I have a good excuse reason.

I’ve been trying to plan out pre written blog posts so that when I’m gone they can be published by themselves. And I even got two people to agree with doing a Guest Post! The other two I asked never answered back. Sad smile Hopefully they have a good reason.

But it’s been confirmed that there will be WiFi there so hopefully I’ll be able to pop in once in a while.


And I’ve been busy trying to finish a gift for someone. I am realizing that it might be stupid of me doing so. I don’t wish he thinks it’s anything because if he does and he doesn’t feel that way anymore then I feel super dumb.

Whatever. Live in the now. And stop talking to yourself, Melissa.

Okay. Off to get ready and then heading to Michelle’s for a movie night!

Ed! Starbucks!


30 min cardio
Arm: no breaks; 5 lb. weights
     – Tricep Extensions – 30 sec (19)
     – Bicep Curls – 20 sec (14)
     – Shoulder Presses – 30 sec (20)
     – Pushups – 30 sec (21)
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 45 sec hold
     – Leg Raises – 30 sec (11 – 12 – 12)
Leg: 3 sets
     – Dumbbell Lunges – 5 lb. weights; 30 sec (14 – 15 – 15)
     – Squats – 5 lb. weights; 30 sec (17 – 18 – 20)
     – Wall Sits – 40 sec hold

Ran outside for the first time. Really run … with some walking of course. HAHA It felt painful but it went pretty well.

The arms confused me. Why only one set? Oh well. In parenthesis are how many I did. I think it went pretty well. It was tough. I know I’ll feel the burn tomorrow when I wake up! Because I already feel it right now.


I got to see an old high school friend of mine, Ed! We met at Starbucks and we caught up since we last saw each other … in December! Surprised smile We talked about the girl he liked and the boy I like. And all of our worries and wonders. He said I should give up. How disappointing of advice. I told him he should pursue the dang girl. Wonderful advice.

Time to shower. Eat dinner (later eater but I sleep late so it all works out). And relax (blog and watch shows).

I Love Reading

Melissa’s Lone Book Club

I love reading. Love Love Love. And I recently got into the swing of it again.

I finally finished The Hunger Game Trilogy. The third book was very hard to read but I continued since I already finished the first two books and was almost halfway done with the third. I must say, the ending was horrible. Used to wrap up the whole story. I was very disappointed in the last book. Horrible!

I’ve already finished another book upon finishing that horrible book on Saturday night. UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn. I really loved this book. Obviously … if I finished it so quickly. There’s more than one book and I cannot wait to find the next ones. Check it out. It’s a VERY easy read. I think it’s written for Juniors. Sometimes I still think I’m a kid.

I’m already on my third book Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long.

Pictures for Fun

2012-06-21 13.30.05

New purse … for Hong Kong fun.

2012-06-23 12.59.01

I’m pretty sure every family is like so. My family needs this.

2012-06-23 13.49.41

Sissy and I bought some makeup stuff from E.L.F.: Eyes Lips Face Who shops there? Sometimes cheap things are the best.

I’m in love with the Matte Nail Polish! It changes WHATEVER color nail polish you want to matte. So gorgeous!


Everyone needs a picture of themselves on every blog post. No? Oh … well. Too bad. I must say … Instagram makes you 100% better looking.


Went to Whole Foods Market with mum and June. Ate there. I shared a Broccoli Cheese Soup with mum and got my own yummy box of goodness. I finally got to try quinoa. And I love it! I cannot wait to make my own one day. Gotta research first!

Also got 2 for $6 boxes of chocolates! Yum! Dark chocolate love! And also snagged some green bean and carrot chips!


I took a day off yesterday. Whoops poopsie!

But I still broke a sweat!

45 min cardio


San Antonio in a few days and Hong Kong in a little over a week! Eeep!

It’s The Freaking Weekend … Almost


30 min cardio
Arm: 5 lb. weight; 3 sets of 12
     – Tricep Extensions
     – Slow Burn Bicep Curls
     – Pushups
     – Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 40 sec hold
     – Toe Touches – 6 right; 6 left
     – Crunches – 15 right; 15 left, 15 center
Leg: 3 sets
     – Forward Lunges – 12 right; 12 left
     – Squats – 12
     – Wall Sits – 35 sec hold

Legs feel like jello. Kill me now. Is it normal to have ankles popping every time?

Happy Friday!

THE laziest baby I’ve ever seen. Falling asleep while eating. Waking up then falling back asleep …

Self explanatory.

Nerdy of me?

What has the world come to?

Okay. This is the last one for the day because I think it’s true.

You’re Unhealthy Because You’re Fat


50 min cardio


Walking and jogging in the hot heat … better early than late right?

Fat Shame


I saw this somewhere … I don’t remember where. I just know that I agree. Maybe because I’m fat myself but it’s true and everyone should go watch it.

Would you say a football player or basketball player is fat? They work out so much harder than us. Just an example …

Pushing Through

What I Want Wednesday

Aquala Bamboo Bath Caddy | $79.95

I am sure there are cheaper ones but this just looks so cool with the wine glass holder and what not. If I were to take baths this is what I’d do. Except instead of a real book, it’ll be my Kindle Fire.

Hopefully it won’t fall in the water. That would be a bummer. I never understood people that read in their baths … doesn’t your book get wet?!

“Wake Up and Run” Off the Shoulder Girly Sweatshirt | $38

Obviously I don’t “Wake Up and Run” but this is still cute. Love off the shoulder sweatshirts. Need to work on my shoulders and arms before wearing something like this though!


30 min cardio
Arm: 5 lb. weight, 3 sets of 12

– Slow Burn Bicep Curls
– Pushups
– Tricep Extensions
– Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
– Plank – 45 sec hold
– Leg Raises – 15
Leg: 3 sets
– Forward Lunges – 15 left, 15 right
– Squats – 12
– Wall Sits – 35 sec hold
– Toe Raises – 15

It’s been hot in my house … and this didn’t make it any better. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

This workout plan is getting tough because I’m getting lazy. But I’m still pushing through.

Need motivation …

10 more days … why would I quit now?!