Summer Road Trip: Day 1

During finals time, Tammy, Jenny, and I procrastinated with studying and started planning a trip. We ended up with plans to Destin, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. They invited a friend, Jennifer, who brought along a friend, Karen T.

Monday, May 28th, we woke and left at 5am to pick up Jennifer and Karen. Then headed to Destin, Florida.

It was a long car ride but faster than we thought. When we got there we ate a light meal of McDonald’s. We got to the hotel and Tammy, Jennifer, and Karen went shopping while Jenny and I stayed at the hotel.


Jenny and I all ready for the beach! Sadly, we didn’t get to go. We kept waiting for the others to come and get ready and go with us but hours later when they got back, it was already getting dark out. Sad smile

Instead, we went out for dinner at:

2012-05-28 20.26.55

McGuire’s Irish Pub
33 East Highway 98
Destin, Florida
(850) 650-0000

2012-05-28 20.31.57

One of the owners signed her first dollar tip when it first opened in May of 1977 and tacked it to the Bar for good luck. Ever since then, people started adding their own. There are now over one million dollar bills all over the pub.

2012-05-28 20.44.32

Free Bread – I’m not sure what kind of bread this was but it was pretty delicious. The sauce on the top was sticky and made it a little bit on the sweet side.


Irish Wake | $7.99

I’m not sure what’s in it but it was STRONG. They limit each person to 3 of these drinks … I did not feel it but one was enough for me. Especially with the wonderful meal that I was about to have.

Oh, a plus? We get to keep the jar. Open-mouthed smile A souvenir? Check!



2012-05-28 20.44.44

Senate Bean Soup [same recipe as was served in the U.S. Senate] | $0.18

It’s $0.18 because that was the price in 1977. The Senate cafeteria raised their price to $2.97 but they still kept their same price. If you were to order the soup only, it would cost $18.00.

The soup was actually delicious. Especially with the crackers. I wish I ordered more! Definitely a to-try. I know it’s simple, but sometimes, the simplest of things are the best!

2012-05-28 21.00.35601043_10151446759925715_501365714_12450447_1012086824_n

Irish Steak and Mushroom Pie [choice tenderloin tips baked with wild mushrooms in a strong-flavored Irish Stout Demi-Glaze and topped with a homemade puff pastry crust.] | $17.99

Look at that puff. The crust was so delicious. It was flaky and tasted so good dipped into that stew. I’m not a lover for cooked carrots, but I’m beginning to love them. Especially with the ones here. So soft and juicy. There was a lot of meat though so I guess it’s good for the price.


After dinner, we headed to the beach. Though it was dark, we thought it’d be great to get out there since the beach was our destination the whole drive there.

Day 2 recap will be coming up! Smile