Summer Road Trip: Day 4 (Final Day)


Day started out with having to say goodbye to our hotel. It was time for brunch and heading back to Houston.

Don’t you just love the décor at this hotel? It’s called The Ambassador. Check it out. It has an old feel to it. Love.


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
429 Decatur Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 522-5800

2012-05-31 12.17.22

Mama Blue’s Shrimp Gumbo [with select fish and sausage] | Cup $5.29 Bowl $7.29

Super watery. Liked the gumbo from Pompano Joe’s in Florida better.

2012-05-31 12.27.18

Captain’s Fish & Chips [traditional beer battered] | $12.99

The fish was flaky but it was not anything special. The batter was actually very light and airy. The fries were normal … a little leaning to the side of getting hard.

Some of the girls wanted real food before Café du Monde so we went here unplanned. It wasn’t that great. I wouldn’t care to go to another Bubba Gump’s in the future. If I do, I’ll definitely get something else.


After our meal, we walked pass some horses. This is me feeding one a carrot. He’s actually part mule/donkey because they’re better for pulling a carload of people.

Anyway, he pretty much slobbered all over my hand. I walked like a speed of light to wash my hand at our next destination:

2012-05-31 13.10.13

Café du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 525-4544


Jenny and I did those little penny machines. Instant souvenir.


Café au Lait (Coffee) | $3.87

Beignets [order of 3 French donuts] | $2.42

The coffee had no taste to it. It was an add-your-own-sugar type deal. After that, instant yum. I’m in no way a coffee drinker but it was so good. I wish I had more.

The beignets were so warm and gooey from the powered sugar. We had two orders and shared it with everyone else. Yum, yum. I only ate one and a quarter. I wish I had more!


The group before going into the car and heading home. Trip ends.

Those were the longest and shortest 4 days of trip ever.

I cannot wait when Hong Kong trip comes. All those wonderful eateries. Cannot wait! Eeep!