Advice Needed

Wedding Invitations

Who’s been to a wedding or had a wedding? I need some advice.


Another wedding invitation and no boy to go with.

I can actually invite someone to this one … so should I ask someone?

This time it’s my old high school best friend, Alyssa’s, wedding. Of course like everyone else, we got distant and we made our own friends so I don’t know who she’s inviting to the wedding. I don’t know if I would know anyone there but her and her family. I’m a little scared that if I don’t invite someone to come with, I will not know anyone. But then again if I do invite someone, they might get bored. Plus I’m afraid to ask someone. Bleugh. Don’t know what to do.

Workout Grind

I went to bed at 5am. Yes. I am horrible. I was hoping to have 7 hours of sleep and wake up around 12pm. But that didn’t happen.

Instead I woke up at 7am. Why?

Because Rocky needed to use the bathroom and eat breakfast so he jumped on my bed and licked my face.


I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be when I woke up. Either the workout is not as intense as it should be or I didn’t give it my all like I should have. I’m sure I’ll feel the pain later on in the week.

Today’s workout:

45 min cardio


I was doing my outside Power Walk when it started to rain.


I snapped this picture before that happened. What is up with people these days?! I would not want my kids to see stuff like this … if and whenever I do have kids.


My 3 week plan all written out along with my Cool Down workouts. This makes me more accountable. Whoop! 19 days to go!


I’ve been eating scrambled eggs with veggies and then lately adding avocados in. Broccoli the first day. Cauliflower the next. Then Spinach because I want to be like Popeye.


Yum! 86% is very bitter but it’s so sweet in my mouth. One square = great dessert!

Let me know if you can answer my wedding question. It’ll be much appreciated!

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