Workout Grind

Starbucks Date

With Michelle!

But before that, I was at Walgreens and I bumped into an old Junior High/High School peer, Victoria Z. She’s grown up to a beautiful women. We caught up for a bit and then went our separate ways. It’s always nice to see old schoolmates doing well.

Anyway, I went to Michelle’s workplace and then we walked to Starbucks. We talked for an hour and a half about jobs and boyfriends her boyfriend and the one I like that won’t ever be. Stupid distance. He probably doesn’t even remember me anymore. Embarrassed smile

I’m split. I love being home because I get to see my friends here more but I miss everyone in SA. Everyone who I’ve learned to truly open up with and has made a big impact in my life. In the back of my mind I know I’ll never see 1/3 of them ever again. Sad? It’s the truth.

Workout Grind

I have 3 weeks until Hong Kong so I’m trying to get ready for it. All that walking in the heat is going to kill me.

I found a 3 week workout that’s suppose to get you in shape for Spring Break but Spring Break … Hong Kong … same difference, right?

30 minute cardio
Arm: 3 sets of 12 with 5 lb. weight
     – Tricep Extensions
     – Bicep Curls
     – Pushups
     – Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 30 sec hold
     – Crunches – 12 center, 12 left, 12 right
Leg: 3 sets
     – Forward Lunges – 12 right, 12 left
     – Squats – 10
     – Wall Sits – 30 sec hold

For the cardio, since I have a sprained ankle, I power walked for 30 minutes with Rocky.

It was a struggle with the leg workouts but I powered through. Especially with the wall sits. I will do those amazingly one day!

I didn’t do a warm-up but I did do a cool down.

Calf Raise Down
Lying Straight, Leg to Chest
Stretch Lying
Toe Grab
One Leg Over
Looking at Ceiling
Lying Trunk Twists

Now I feel so powerful. Twenty more days to go!

Cannot wait for my ankle to heal so I can do my runs! Smile

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