What I want Wednesday–Inaugural


30 min cardio
Arm: 5 lb. weight; 3 sets of 12
– Slow Burn Bicep Curls
     – Pushups
    – Tricep Extensions
    – Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 35 sec hold
     – Leg Raises – 12
Leg: 3 sets
     – Forward Lunges – 12 right, 12 left
     – Squats – 10
     – Wall Sits – 30 sec hold

This time around it was a little tougher. I woke up pretty sore but I still pushed through. “Pain is only temporary!”

What I Want Wednesday

I’m not one to do “What I Ate Wednesday” because in all seriousness, who wants to see eggs mixed with some kind of vegetable every Wednesday? You can see that on my Instagram pretty much once a day. Find me on Instagram (@cripple15). I promise that’s not all I post …

So I’m doing my own thing. I’m pretty sure that this has been done before. If so, my bad. I just thought about it as I sat here surfing the web. I want a lot of things. But need nothing. I have everything I need in life to survive. But I thought this would be fun.

Here goes:

“I Pick You” Guitar Pick | $?

If I ever date someone, I would want this as a gift. It’s so cute! I’ll never use it though. Don’t want to mess it up.

Camera Lens Mug | $11.25

Don’t have the money for a DSLR. This would be the closest thing to it …

Custom Stamped Sterling Silver & Suede Wrap | $36.00

I’d probably get it to where it says “Shut up and run”. And I don’t think $36 is worth it for this … Some people are ridiculous with prices.

Bra Case | $38.49

So damn smart. I wish I had the brain to come up with these things. Then I’d be the one who’s rich!

Food sounds so good right now. Shower time. Then dinner!! Open-mouthed smile

Happy Hump Day!

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