Call Me, Maybe?


Mmmm … lunch. My mum thought I bought this because it was “so pretty”. Nope. Homemade oven baked veggies. So good!


Helped my rents cut down the branches off a tree that was starting to be too close to the windows.

2012-06-15 19.48.32

Then I went on my run/walk. Funny story. I almost tripped and fell on my face when I looked down to check who was calling me. Not safe.

2012-06-15 19.48.10

Me being creepy while running to snap this picture. A son and father working on the car. It’s so cute. They’re not young but it’s still cute.

Today’s workout was just like Monday’s. Only difference was way I did my shoulder presses.

30 minute cardio
Arm: 3 sets of 12 with 5 lb. weight
     – Tricep Extensions
     – Bicep Curls
     – Pushups
     – Shoulder Presses – “T” shape
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 30 sec hold
     – Crunches – 12 center, 12 left, 12 right
Leg: 3 sets
     – Forward Lunges – 12 right, 12 left
     – Squats – 10
     – Wall Sits – 30 sec hold

And something before signing off. Sissy sent this to me. Watch it and laugh.