Forever Alone

Isn’t it sad how I can sit here writing a card to this boy for his birthday and all I can do is get teary eyed teardrops in my eyes because it brings back memories. Good and bad memories.

Pisses me off because it fogs up my eyesight and then I cannot see what I’m writing anymore. Ugh. Stop being a crybaby, Melissa!

I realized that he has made a difference in my life even though we’ve only known each other for a little over half a year. And now because of the distance, I lost my person to lean on. But no matter how much I wish things could be different between us, it won’t ever be because we’re both too shy to speak up. Or at least, that’s what I think it is. That or maybe he’s not a fan of long distance. Who knows.

Anyway, I have his gift ready to go! And when I go visit SA at the end of the month, I’ll stick it in his hands and make a run for it. It’s awkward for me when people open their gifts I give them in front of me.

And it’ll be awkward when they read that card where all I do is praise him. haha


We’re celebrating Father’s Day today since my sissy has work Sunday. Update on that later.

Happy Saturday!