Dolla Dolla Bills

Happy Birthday Dad (x3)!

My Dad had three birthdays this year … like me. Sometimes being Chinese is amazing. My grandma tried to explain to me how it works but I’m a just-tell-me-when-it’s-my-birthday type of person.

Today, other than the real Father’s Day, we celebrated my Dad’s third birthday!

We had dinner at:

2012-06-17 18.02.36

King Bo Restaurant II
4707 Texas 6
Missouri City, TX
(281) 403-2222

2012-06-17 18.34.282012-06-17 18.40.252012-06-17 18.56.582012-06-17 19.01.312012-06-17 19.03.422012-06-17 19.06.212012-06-17 19.07.272012-06-17 19.23.242012-06-17 19.23.562012-06-17 19.25.002012-06-17 19.26.012012-06-17 19.30.522012-06-17 19.31.162012-06-17 20.01.02

We had 14 people so we ordered the 10 person meal and added 4 dishes to it. They give you a “dessert” at the end. Needless to say, we finished everything we were given. We are fatties.

While their food was delicious. Much better than a LOT of other places, the way they served are food was not that great. Given it was steaming hot, which is very rare when it’s at a Chinese Restaurant, they came out very slow. Each dish came out one at a time and we would finish a dish and wait for the next one. It wasn’t until the very end that the food got served by the full.

2012-06-17 20.14.10

That’s how much it costs if you were wondering …

2012-06-17 20.05.16

My cousin got this 10 inch Peanut Butter Pie for free from Lawler’s. It was very sweet but if you have a sweet tooth you would love it. My favorite part was the crust. Yum!


45 min cardio

Did my walk and jogging. Feeling refreshed. Two more weeks before the vaca!

Make It Rain


Like I mentioned, I’ve been cleaning. And today took me by surprise. Given, a good $220, I knew where they were. I am just that great at hiding money. It’s always nice to clean and find surprises like this.

My closet is halfway there! I have SO much clothes that need washing. I will do that once I wake up!

2012-06-17 15.51.132012-06-17 15.43.55

The two pairs of shoes I bought the other day! Sperry’s (my third pair) and ballet flats (only $10!).

We had a big discount so my mum and I went a little crazy.

2012-06-17 15.25.32

I bought this show today. Yay! I am very Asian. I must watch my people! Just kidding. But seriously, I love Chinese Soap Operas. They make me happy.

Time to relax and watch a few episodes!

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