Memory Lane

Whoops. I did not know that it was already 1am!

I’ve been so busy all day!

And I’m sad to say I missed my workout. But since Sunday is my rest day, I’ll just make it up then instead. So I actually didn’t miss my workout?


Anyway, we went and ate at Spring Creek Barbeque. It was rainy, rainy. Bleugh. Then came home and relaxed.

2012-06-16 18.07.43

Went to Macy’s to buy Alyssa’s Wedding gift. I bought two pair of shoes as well … whoops.

2012-06-16 17.49.35

My sissy and I have been talking about sparkly canvas shoes. Found some but they were not cute! And expensive …

Then it was time for dinner time. Since we were celebrating Father’s Day all day, we went to a Le Lai Restaurant. Funky. We went here last year for Father’s Day too. New tradition? ha


Who eats lobster’s head? Don’t tell me I’m the only one!


We came home and had Homemade Pie. My sissy made it. I piped on the words. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Afterward was cleaning time. By then it was already 10pm but I just had the urge to continue cleaning. My room is starting to look like a room again. Here’s to hoping everything will be done soon!

Just some things I found while cleaning.

2012-06-17 01.09.49

Packet of old Basketball stuff … when I use to be a baller. HAHA

2012-06-16 23.17.14

Old school projects … when VHS was popular. Can you believe that was only like 7 years ago?

2012-06-16 23.25.122012-06-17 00.57.54

Old love notes. The one on the left is getting married this upcoming year … we are growing up too fast!

And the one on the right is not into girls anymore. Yep.

These are only a few of many love notes I got. Yeah. I brought all the boys to the yard.

Just kidding …

2012-06-16 23.49.13

Found a card that my sissy never sent her friend. That made me laugh so loud!

2012-06-16 23.57.50

The 1st generation IPod. That I don’t use anymore because it’s all kinds of messed up. Hello ITouch … that is about to be all kinds of messed up as well.

2012-06-17 00.46.36

Long expired. But if you trust me, I’ll still try to save your life. Just make sure not to let your family sue me if you die.

2012-06-17 00.46.55

I would get little comics from this one guy. I loved them. Some were gruesome though.

2012-06-17 00.56.52

Found notes/letters written to me from all the way back from 2000! Old sauce! This was when we were in like fifth grade. Stacks and stacks of notes. Now everything is text. How sad.

2012-06-17 01.05.16

Oh you know … when Pokemon was popular!

But yeah. Enough with memory lane. I’ll go back there the rest of the week as I clean. I have SO much stuff I’m donating, recycling, and throwing away.

Big hoarder right hurr!

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