My Clever Title

No clever title … how do people come up with titles? I certainly cannot.


35 min cardio
Arm: 5 lb. weight; 3 sets of 12
– Tricep Extensions
     – Slow Burn Bicep Curls
     – Pushups
     – Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
     – Plank – 40 sec hold
     – Toe Touches – 6 right; 6 left
     – Crunches – 15 right; 15 left, 15 center
Leg: 3 sets
     – Forward Lunges – 12 right; 12 left
     – Squats – 12
     – Wall Sits – 35 sec hold

Jogged the 35 minutes. The leg workout was for some reason, the hardest thing for me today. I guess taking a day off on Saturday really messed things up. I think other than just “breaking a sweat” I’ll do some kind of exercise instead.


I’ve been folding clothes. I put ALL my clothes to wash because I wanted my closet to start out clean. Many loads later, my closet is starting to look fresh!

I cannot wait to show y’all what my room looks like after everything is done. I probably won’t be done until the end of August …


Have you ever craved bread? For some reason I really want some sandwiches … which never happens. I’m not a fan of bread at all.

Grilled Sandwiches even sound good. And I don’t even like cheese.

What is going on?!

I hope this is just a phase because with Paleo, eating those two things are a no-no!

But if I still crave it later on, I will take a bite. No sense in bingeing later because of cravings!