Blogging Is Boring?!


45 min cardio

I was going to run outside with Rocky. And by run, I mean as far as my legs can get me before I have to start jogging or walking.

But the rain thunder and lightening stopped me. So I resulted in jogging in place, jumping jacks, and butt kicks as my cardio instead.


Blogging = Boring

I told a friend of mine that I’ve spend my day watching telly shows and blog. And by blogging, I mean sitting here reading other people’s blogs, commenting, and writing my own. Simple but time consuming. But to me super fun.

But she thinks it’s the most boringest (yes, that’s a word in my dictionary) thing ever. She didn’t mean it in a rude way but it kind of hurts.


Well, baby, you’re wrong and you’ve hurt my feelings. Unless you are a blogger, you won’t understand the joy of blogging. Simple as that.

I’m not saying all I do is sit here on the computer or sit and watch shows. I go out. I work out. I clean. I see my family (everyday) and friends (from time to time). And I have fun.

This is a reason why I don’t tell people (and her) about my blog. They know I have one, but they don’t know how to find me. Only a select few know.

Don’t ever let someone’s words stop you from doing what you love. Be yourself. You don’t have to fit in.

I’m going back to my blog reading and commenting.

I do what I want!