Pushing Through

What I Want Wednesday

Aquala Bamboo Bath Caddy | $79.95

I am sure there are cheaper ones but this just looks so cool with the wine glass holder and what not. If I were to take baths this is what I’d do. Except instead of a real book, it’ll be my Kindle Fire.

Hopefully it won’t fall in the water. That would be a bummer. I never understood people that read in their baths … doesn’t your book get wet?!

“Wake Up and Run” Off the Shoulder Girly Sweatshirt | $38

Obviously I don’t “Wake Up and Run” but this is still cute. Love off the shoulder sweatshirts. Need to work on my shoulders and arms before wearing something like this though!


30 min cardio
Arm: 5 lb. weight, 3 sets of 12

– Slow Burn Bicep Curls
– Pushups
– Tricep Extensions
– Shoulder Presses
Ab: 3 sets
– Plank – 45 sec hold
– Leg Raises – 15
Leg: 3 sets
– Forward Lunges – 15 left, 15 right
– Squats – 12
– Wall Sits – 35 sec hold
– Toe Raises – 15

It’s been hot in my house … and this didn’t make it any better. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

This workout plan is getting tough because I’m getting lazy. But I’m still pushing through.

Need motivation …

10 more days … why would I quit now?!

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