Talking to Myself


55 mins cardio

On my last week of my workout plan and I cannot be happier because that means I’m closer to being to Hong Kong!

Lazy Day

Okay I’m not really lazy. I’ve just been lazy at catching up with blog readings and commenting back but I have a good excuse reason.

I’ve been trying to plan out pre written blog posts so that when I’m gone they can be published by themselves. And I even got two people to agree with doing a Guest Post! The other two I asked never answered back. Sad smile Hopefully they have a good reason.

But it’s been confirmed that there will be WiFi there so hopefully I’ll be able to pop in once in a while.


And I’ve been busy trying to finish a gift for someone. I am realizing that it might be stupid of me doing so. I don’t wish he thinks it’s anything because if he does and he doesn’t feel that way anymore then I feel super dumb.

Whatever. Live in the now. And stop talking to yourself, Melissa.

Okay. Off to get ready and then heading to Michelle’s for a movie night!