In The Air

Currently on a jet plane with mum!


I’ll be doing a lot of reading, listening to music, and sleeping.


Dear Couples,
It can wait.


Dear Neighbor,
If you sleep on me, I will push you off.
That means you mum.


Dear Person in Front of Me,
If this happens, don’t complain if I kick.


Dear Parents,
I love kids but … you need to shut yours up.
Or I will gladly help you out.


Dear Mum,
Please remember to wake me up.
It’ll be appreciated.


Dear Hong Kong,
I’ve missed you and I cannot wait to see you soon!
Love, Melissa

I’ll leave you with an episode from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern my sissy found on YouTube. This will give you idea of some of the things I’ll be eating. Definitely not all of it because some of that grosses me out.

P.S. If you see any posts during these few weeks about foods in the states … they were prewritten and I wanted to document them so … just click away if you see those.

Else, Happy Tuesday!

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